Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, referred to as The House of Friendships. Aquarian energy is considered masculine and positive. Aquarius is an Air element, and it is a Fixed sign.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn or Uranus.

Aquarius is eccentric, imaginative, intuitive, independent and erratic.

Sun in Aquarius

According to Tropical Astrology, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius about January 20th to February 18th. Sidereal Astrology says the Sun is in Aquarius between about February 13th to March 14th. Those born during these periods are consider Aquarius natives or Aquarians and have Aquarius as their Sun Sign.

Aquarius Personality

The Aquarius personality is deeply concerned with social justice, even if he or she thinks people are generally a lot of sheep. While they enjoy being the center of the crowd, they aren't so much concerned about fitting in with it. Aquarians are independent and enjoy being unique. They beat their own drum and march confidently and perhaps arrogantly toward the future without always looking where they are going. They're great at coming up with new ideas, but not always so great at putting those ideas into action. They're also wonderful at giving good advice, and often terrible at following it.

Although Aquarians are friendly, they often keep folks at a distance to avoid losing their Independence. Once you're in though, they are loyal to the end and expect loyalty in return. An Aquarian will put his or her own life and welfare in jeopardy to help out a friend and expects the same from those she cares about. But don't hang on too tightly or you may find yourself the recipient of a Dear John letter and your treasured Aquarian packed up and left the State in search of a new adventure.

Aquarians often form strong opinions about political, social and environmental matters and it is quite difficult to get them to change their minds once they've made it up. They are vocal about their opinions and may become frustrated and argumentative with those who disagree with them. Aquarians will probably not judge you based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc but will judge your politics harshly.

Aquarians bore easily and are always looking to shake things up a bit.

Aquarians are not big on sharing their feelings. Underneath they are often somewhat sensitive and insecure.

Aquarius Appearance

While Aquarians tend to reject the norm, they often embrace underground fashion trends. Their appearance will be somewhat unconventional (ex. dyed or uniquely arranged hair, piercings, tattoos, bohemian, goth or steam punk style clothes, etc). Aquarians are generally strongly built and somewhat androgynous in appearance, both men and women being at the same time strong and soft of feature. Women may be broad-shouldered and men may have wide hips. Aquarians tend to be tall and long boned with a long neck and high forehead. They carry their heads in a regal (sometimes haughty) manner, though they tend to tilt forward or to the side when thinking deeply. They move purposefully, if not gracefully.

Aquarians are generally calm and detached (unless in the midst of some passionate discourse) and often carry an air of mystery and knowing, a dreamy look in their eyes. They are friendly and can be chatty and if they are impolite it tends to be related to a verbal faux pas, either a lack of tact, butting in to someone else's conversation or discussing inappropriate or uncomfortable subjects.

They will be standing either in the center or on the fringes of the crowd either listening intently or lecturing about some political or social topic. The Aquarian is tolerant and friendly and is willing to discuss any topic, no matter how inappropriate for polite company.

The Moon in Aquarius

The Moon enters Aquarius in rotation with the other signs immediately after Capricorn and before Pisces. This occurs once or maybe twice a month.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, folks tend to get a little quirky and more willing to step outside their comfort zone for things that are important to them, especially social causes. The energy of Aquarius supports looking at the big picture and seeing how all the pieces fit and synergistic thinking for a group. This is a good time to work on that invention and to bring your friends in to brainstorm solutions for you, and to recruit members for a social cause or philanthropic organization.

Aquarius as a Moon Sign

Those born when the Moon is in Aquarius have Aquarius as their Moon Sign.

Those who are born under and Aquarius Moon tend to be very friendly and sympathetic, but not overtly emotional. They do not tend to notice tendencies in others that they do not have in themselves and so they may seem unsympathetic and distant, but this isn't true. Once they realize what's going on they will be very supportive. Of course they also may not realize they're being insulted, either, until someone points it out to them and then their dismay at the news is likely to be vented by a furious housecleaning session rather than a vent or a confrontation.

People born under the Aquarius moon are not prone to discriminate among their friends and enjoy a culturally, socially and racially diverse social circle. They are rarely jealous of friends or lovers because they are so loyal they can't imagine anyone else wouldn't be. They tend to be very affectionate parents; friendly rather than authoritarian. However, their individualism and eccentricity can sometimes make family life difficult and their preoccupations, their social life or social causes can lead them to neglect domestic matters.

Magick when the Moon is in Aquarius

Innovation, inspiration and invention are all supported by the energy of Aquarius. If you have been puzzling over a project, tonight is the night to work some magick to get you over that hump. Social and philanthropic causes are also supported by Aquarius energy as are social gatherings and friendships, so take advantage of this time to further your cause and attract new members.

Healing for the lower legs and blood.

Aquarius Correspondences

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