Elemental correspondences are used in various magick and healing systems. Correspondences do vary according to tradition and geography and some practitioners create their own correspondences according to their own intuition. Correspondence tables are useful magical tools, but should be used as a general guideline only; a starting point.


  • The Element of Earth is generally called from the North.
  • The element of Earth is considered cool and dry and is associated with the melancholic temperament.
  • The element of Earth represents the solid state of matter.
  • The element of Earth corresponds to the physical part of our selves, our physical body and rules the elder stage of life.
  • The element of Earth rules the intestines.
  • The element of Earth rules the winter and the night.
  • The Element of Earth represents, the sense of touch and all physical, practical, material things including money, crops, livestock, the home, property, family, career, investments, saving.
  • The Alchemical Mineral associated with the Earth is Salt.
  • Other Minerals associated with the element of Earth are: halite (aka salt), granite, jasper, emerald, jade, malachite, hematite, lead, ochre
  • It is usually considered feminine in nature.
  • Colors associated with the element of Earth include green and brown.
  • The element of Earth is associated with Old age, or maturity, the Winter, Nighttime and the Winter Solstice.
  • The best time to perform spells associated with the element of Earth is when the moon is in on of the Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo
  • Symbols of the element of Earth include- soil, the pentacle, cattle,
  • Herbs associated with the element of Earth include apple, bistort, comfrey, cypress, fern, all grains, all grasses, honeysuckle, horehound, ivy, magnolia, mugwort, narcissus, oak, oakmoss, primrose, rhubarb, vervain, vetiver





  • The element of Aether is the "stuff" that Gods are made of, sort of.
  • It is consider androgynous.
  • Aether represents transcendence or eternity
  • Aether represents the Plasma state of matter.
  • It can be symbolized by the cauldron.


  • The element of Spirit is virtually identical to either Aether or Fire.
  • Sometimes the Spirit entities (ancestors, Gods, nature spirits, etc.) are referred to as the element of spirit in ritual. Sometimes it is magickal energy that is being referred to.
  • The following stones symbolize Spirit diamond, quartz crystal, jet, onyx

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