Major Arcana Attributes Herbs/Anointing Oils Crystal
The Fool Childlike, oblivious, innocent, the eternal optimist, ready to lead in to anything cedar, rose geranium agate, aventurine
The Magician Initiative, persuasion, ability to manifest, realizing potential, masculine power carnation, rosemary, vanilla agate, sunstone
The High Priestess Feminine power, developing talents, trust in your intuition musk, verbena, acacia, anise, heliotrope, lemongrass, sandalwood moonstone, rose quartz
The Empress Abundance, nurturing, in harmony with the natural world, fertility, fecundity daffodil, hazel, mistletoe, olive, sunflower peridot, turquoise
The Emperor father figure, power of reason, assertive, dogmatic thinking carnation, ginger, mugwort, bay laurel, thistle ruby, sapphire
The Hierophant conforming, traditional rules and ceremony, fitting in with the status quo lemon, sweet pea, gardenia, lavender, violet jade, topaz
Lovers love, choice, commitment; seeking wholeness, sexual harmony cat tail, dill, garlic, ginseng, patchouli, dragon's blood agate
The Chariot Diligent, willpower, honesty, control over feelings and thoughts St. John's Wort, Iris, lily, dill, rosemary amber, flourite
Strength Courage, self awareness and compassion, being tolerant of others faults, facing reality angelica, basil, comfrey, fennel, goldenseal, pennyroyal, thyme, yarrow] cat's eye, jasper
The Hermit Discretion, detachment and withdrawal, search for inner wisdom, self-searching questions angelica, chamomile, sage bloodstone, peridot
The Wheel of Fortune Luck, timing, destiny, the only thing that is constant is change; seeing patterns and cycles repeating in life clover, daisy, fern, heather, iris, jasmine, lilac, peony, spearmint, violet amethyst, opal
Justice Fairness, harmony, cause and effect; accepting the truth, taking responsibility for your choices dill, garlic, honeysuckle, violet cat's eye, jet
The Hanged Man Transition, limbo, sacrifice may be necessary, relinquishing control grape, ivy, marigold aquamarine, tiger's eye
Death Change, new beginnings, transformation; the end of an old cycle, the beginning of a new one blackberry, bramble, periwinkle amber, bloodstone
Temperance self control, moderation, virtue; harmony and understanding, cooperation and healing energy agrimony, bergamot, catnip, clover, foxglove, hibiscus, lily of the valley, valerian amethyst, jasper, pyrite
The Devil Bondage, materialism, temptation, thirst for money or power, self imposed bondage, chained to addictive patterns bergamot, carnation, fern, mugwort, rosemary obsidian, apache tears
The Tower Unexpected events, revelation, breakdown of the old to accept the new, learn to adapt and adjust quickly, dramatic upheaval heather, honeysuckle, morning glory, yarrow lodestone, ruby
The Star Inspiration, truth revealed; seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you are going to be successful, visionary progress angelica, grape, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, aster, bluebell, daisy, snapdragon, valerian quartz, turquoise
The Moon Intuition and illusion; blind to the truth, unrealistic dreams, losing touch with reality adder's tongue, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lotus moonstone, selenite
The Sun Communication, positive energy, creative energy; positive accomplishment, shining under the spotlight broom, carnation, chamomile, fennel, geranium, lavender, marigold, rosemary citrine, tiger's eye, sun stone
Judgement liberation, inner calling, transformation; accounting for past action, accepting things the way they are grape, ivy, marigold, violet hematite, malachite
The World Completion, fulfillment, freedom from fear; reward for hard work and effort, accomplishing what you sent out to achieve, feeling at one with yourself and the universe roses, carnations, ivy, bay laurel lapis lazuli, onyx

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