This chart shows all of the minerals we have in our database and the keywords associated with them for quick reference. You can click on the linked name of each individual herb for more information.

Mineral Keywords
Agate bites calm cards clarity disease_prevention dreams eloquence goodwill love luck mercury mind poison purification soothing stings victory weather
Alexandrite awareness balance creativity decisions emotions focus gambling growth higher imagination joy longevity luck prosperity protection psychic scorpio self spiritual water
Amazonite anger children earth intuition irritibiilty luck motivation pets resentment teaching training uranus virgo
Amber anxiety aquarius courage depression fertility fire joy leo luck protection psychic success sun
Amethyst addiction balance celebacy cleanse death emotions fear february fidelity heal healing home-sickness luck meditation mind mysteries nightmares piety pisces protection purify rebirth scrying
Aquamarine anxiety chakras clairvoyance cleansing fear healing intuition law legal march oceans october panic phobias sea water
Aventurine air confidence creativity eyesight healing libra luck mercury mood prosperity taurus
Azurite air communication dreams energy esteem jupiter leadership past-life pregnancy prophecy reiki sagittarius self-worth visions water
Black Salt banishing curses protection purging purification
Bloodstone anger aries banishing bleeding childbirth fear fire guidance healing immunity legal mars money pisces pregnancy protection scorpio victory warriors
Calcite astral channeling earth emotions energy enthousiasm grounding joy leo meditation moon projection scrying serenity spirituality stress venus
Carnelian addiction anger aura cleansing courage depression fire focus harmony hatred insanity isis jealousy justice leo metabolism michael organs peace regeneration revitalizing samhain self-esteem sex shielding skin sun taurus warding wealth
Celestite air angels animals astral cancer chadakiel detox development ears eyes headaches heaven libra neptune nightmares rehab stress venus water
Chalcedony accidents court dark depression fear feminine generosity hysteria illusions lactation legal moon nightmares peace politics protection travel warding water
Cinnabar business merchants toxic transformation wealth
Citrine abundance air cleansing joy mercury positive success wealth
Copper amplification arthritis balance emotions energy fertility healing love prosperity rheumatism taurus venus water
Diamond april battle courage demons disputes engagement eternity fear fire insanity leo libra luck mars nightmares poison protection reconciliation resolution sagittarius scorpio spectres strength sun victory wedding
Emerald alchemy ceres deception domestic_violence earth isis litha luck magick miscarriage nightmares past_life prophecy psychic_attack storms surdurjaya taurus thoth toth truth venus
Fluorite capricorn focus immunity order pisces protection stress
Fossil longevity strength
Fuchsite abundance air angels astral astral_projection balance business cooperation depression fae faeries family fortune guides lebra luck peace projects prosperity relationships teamwork venus
Garnet aries balance business capricorn commitment courage fertility fidelity fire hope love marriage mars passion past_life promises protection psychic relationships shield strength success vows wedding yule
Geode abundance clarity healing
Halite cleansing earth grounding offering purification
Jasper balance calm cleansing courage determination evil_eye nurturing protection tranquility uncrossing
Jet akasha anxiety balance banishing business capricorn demons earth fear ghosts home inflammation mourning nightmares pain protection saturn sorrow travel
Kyanite animals balance clarity communication creativity dreams fever justice pain past_life peace plants truth
Lapis Lazuli air awareness capricorn fidelity headaches healing inflammation intuition isis litha love midsummer migraines nerves nuit protection psychic relationships sagittarius sin venus water
Malachite ausiel children earth emotions energy freyja harmony immunity knowledge neptune nightmares patience power prosperity protection regeneration scorpio travel venus warding warning water
Mercury hermes mercury toxic water
Mica air mercury
Moonstone balance calm cancer disagreements divination dreams emotions feminine fertility love luck moon night nightmares passion peace prophecy relationships travel water
Muscovite air barriers intuition mercury overwhelmed protection psychic spirits visions visualization
Obsidian aries bacteria balance c change circulation clairvoyance confidence depression digestion divination doubt earth emotion emotions fire grief grounding groundingblockage hidden joy meditation muscles negativity pain pele pluto protection psychic reveal sagittarius saturn scorn scorpio scrying secret sekhmet self-doubt severing stress surface tezcatlipoca unbinding unconscious uriel
Onyx addiction attention confidence emotions energy focus grief grounding habits o recovery recuperation saturn strength stress
Opal amplification confidence cooperation creativity divination emotions empathy energy foresight imagination influence inhibitions inspiration luck moon october scorpio scrying
Pearl aquarius balance cancer emotions equinimity feminine femininity gemini happiness love moon peace prosperity protection purity self-esteem venus water
Peridot aura balance depression earth emotions influence insomnia leo luck nightmares peace power protection sagittarius shield stress sun venus virgo
Quartz aura balance clairvoyance concentration divination dreams emotions energy healing immunity insight meditation memory prophecy protection purification
Rose Quartz anger animals calming children detox fear fertility grief home intruders libra nightmares peace protection rehab stress taurus venus water
Ruby cancer capricorn courage depression energy fire health influence invulnerability july leadership leo mars nightmares peace poison property protection scorpio sleep sun theft toxic virgo warding wealth
Salt purification s
Sapphire ambition anger communication confidence current depression enemies evil_eye friends gossip grounding health hexes intuition jupiter meditation memory prophecy protection prudence saturn slander talent water wisdom
Sardonyx august channeling domestic eloquence home leo protection strength totem tranquility willpower
Silver amplify aquarius cancer dreams energy feminine moon scrying
Smoky Quartz banishing capricorn communication decisions depression earth energy grounding hecate joy luck marriage meditation money negativity nightmares optimism protection sagittarius saturn scorpio
Tektite balance channeling communication extraterrestrial fertility fire immunity jupiter meteors pluto skin stars storms telepathy
Tiger's Eye animals balance capricorn cats detox grounding leo pets prosperity protection psychic risk self-control spending
Tin air business divination expanding finances jupiter luck masculine money opportunity pisces prosperity sagittarius success travel
Topaz abundance communication december fire inspiriation november perception psychic self spirits sun unconscious wealth
Tourmaline banishing communication confidence fear grounding hidden joy leo libra phobia power protection reveal saturn stress venus water
Turquoise accuracy air animals aquarius archery astral balance bullies bullying children earth healing home horses intrudors luck migraines neptune pets protection psychic psychic_attack rheumatism sagittarius taurus travel venus warriors water wealth wisdom

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