Many witches like to bring fragrance into their magick. This can be done through the use of essential oils, heated on a diffuser or applied to the body through various means, incense, potpourri, scented candles and wax tarts. Fragrance is one of many ways that the energy of an herb can be brought into spellwork and it adds a valuable extra dimension to your spellwork that can greatly improve focus, enhancing the mood and enhancing the effectiveness of your work.

This table lists several natural fragrances that can be used alone or in a blend to enhance your magical workings. Remember that it is important to read the information page about the fragrance to get a full understanding of how best to utilize it.

Herb Keywords
Ambergris a aphrodisiac dreams jupiter psychic sun venus visions
Apple agriculture autumn garden harvest healing hearth home immortality love samhain yule
Balm of Gilead attraction jupiter love offerings reconciliation spirits
Basil business children family harmony memory peace protection tension
Cypress c change concentration dead death focus funeral grounding mourning psyche samhain stability stength stress
Dragon's Blood banishing bleeding blood healing illness love protection sexuality
Frankincense air birth divinity embalming fire kingship life purification rites royalty sun
Gum Arabic air aquarious communication dead male sun
Lemon accuracy decisions errors memorize memory
Myrrh dead exorcism funerary mars purification rites saturn underworld
Pine Incense and Oil antibacterial banish banishing clean cleaning cleanse exorcism healing mood negativity p purify purifying reversal spirit uplifting

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