Each of the days of the week corresponds to the energies of one of the classical planets and carries a magical energy all its own. Pagans, witches and magicians may choose to time their worship or spellcasting activities based on the energies of the various days of the week.

This correspondence table is based on the Chaldean sequence and the idea of planetary days and planetary hours. The associated Gods are based on either ancient names for the days of the week or planetary associations. These are all pretty well established for the most part. The colors and the intentions that might go along with them are much more fluid. As with all correspondences, explore them fully to ensure that you understand them and that the energetic relationship feels right for you and don't be afraid to improvise.

Day Planet Colors Deities Intent
Monday Moon Silver, white, blue Diana, Artemis, Selene, Luna women's mysteries, illusion, glamour, sleep, peace, beauty, prophesy, dreams, emotions, travel, fertility, insight, wisdom
Tuesday Mars Red, black, orange Mars, Ares, Tiwaz courage, victory, success, strength, conviction, rebellion, defense, wards, protection
Wednesday Mercury purple, orange Mercury, Hermes, Woden communication, the arts, transportation, change, luck, gambling, fortune, chance, creativity
Thursday Jupiter blue, purple, green Thor, Jupiter Juno abundance, protection, prosperity, strength, wealth, healing
Friday Venus pink, aqua Venus, Aphrodite, Freya love, birth, fertility, romance, gentleness, pregnancy, friendship, passion
Saturday Saturn black, purple Saturn, Hecate banishing, protection, wisdom, spirituality, cleansing
Sunday Sun gold, yellow Brigid, Helios, Apollo success, promotion, fame, wealth, prosperity

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