The Witch Bottle

A Witchs Bottle is a "decoy" protection item that absorbs spells that target the owner.

Spell Timing:

Because this spell is meant to draw negative energy, so I would time this during the waxing moon. Since it's a protection spell, but a passive one, I might bring in the energies of Jupiter rather than Mars, so I would choose dawn on a Thursday for my working.

Suggested Tools:

1. A bottle, jar or other container that can be closed up.
2. Items representing the subject(s) of the spell- blood, hair, nail clippings, urine, clothing, photographs, a signature, etc. the more the merrier. Multiple people and animals, the entire household, can be protected using this jar, or just one person.
3. Items that represent "breaking up" of the spell, hindering intent, or distraction- broken mirrors, glass, barbed wire, thorns, locks, bent keys, broken glasses, hot foot powder, handcuffs, a mousetrap, sharp things, broken tools of all sorts.
4. salt


1. Cleanse all items you are using except those chosen to represent the subject(s) of the spell i.e. the person(s) to be protected.

2. Sprinkle some salt into the bottom of your jar.

3. Put all the items you have collected to represent the subject(s) of your spell into the jar. Speak aloud the name of the person as you place the item inside the jar and declare that all harmful energy and spells directed at them will go into this bottle instead.

4. Place each symbolic item into the jar one at a time declaring in symbolic language how an aggressor's energy will be broken up or hindered by the item.

5. Seal up the bottle.

6. Go silently outdoors to bury the bottle somewhere near your house or hide it in your walls, under the steps, etc.

7. Return silently. Do not speak of the bottle again.

Additional Comments:

  • The witches bottle can also attract and contain positive and beneficial energies sent your way. Be careful to speak your intent clearly and, when you know a beneficial spell is coming your way, open yourself up and declare your Will that it come directly to you.
  • Witches bottles have been known to burst. Whether this is from the energy contained in them or from gases built up from chemical reactions of bodily fluids mixing with various other items in an enclosed container, i don't know. Obviously burying it will prevent it from doing any damage, but if this is not possible, you may want to think about your container carefully.
  • Whenever you move to a new home, you should create a new witches bottle.

Spell Origin:

This is an old traditional spell. I have no idea when it started.

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