To Get Noticed at Work

To encourage your employer to place high value on your work

Spell Timing:

Hour of the Sun OR dawn or noon on a Sunday, OR when the moon is in Sagittarius and/or during the waxing moon

Suggested Tools:

One or more of these crystals: citrine, amber, bloodstone
A blue cloth pouch
A purple ribbon
Gold embroidery floss and an embroidery needle or a gold paint pen


Either embroider money symbols of your choice with the embroidery floss, or draw them with the paint pen on the cloth pouch.

"Every day I come on time
Perform the duties which are mine
Help the new kids learn the ropes
And gossip fires I never stoke
Beyond expectations I sweat and toil
To this company I am loyal
All who come here can't help but see
That I am a model employee"
(You may adjust this rhyme as necessary to match your situation. But, unless you are actually doing these things, the spell will not work.)

Go to your workplace in the planetary hour of the Sun, during the waxing moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Hold the stone in your hand as you circle or walk through your workplace 3 times concentrating on your goal.

Finally, return to your car. Anoint the stone with the herb and place it in the pouch. Repeat the chant three times as you do this.

The third time, as you hold up the pouch with the anointed stone inside, say your final declaration, such as "As I will, so mote it be!" and tie the pouch shut with your purple ribbon.

Keep this on your desk or in your pocket when you are at work.

Additional Comments:

Try this spell a few weeks before you ask for a raise or promotion or in advance of your annual review.

It helps if the things you say in your chant are actually true! Don't expect this spell to work if you slack off and cause trouble at your place of employment.

Spell Origin:

From the Sacred Hearth Grimoire

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