The Witches Rune

A chant to be used after casting the Circle to call the Goddess and God

Spell Timing:

Any time you practice Magick in a circle

Suggested Tools:

Your voice


The Witches Rune
Adapted from Gerald Gardner & Doreen Valiente

Darksome Night and shining Moon,
East then South, then West then North,
Harken to the Witches Rune,
Here I come to call thee forth.
Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell,
With Horned Hunter of the night,
Lend your Power unto my Spell,
Work my Will by Magick Rite.
By all the Power of Land and Sea,
By all the might of Moon and Sun,
As I do Will so mote it be,
Chant the Spell and it be done:
(Chant the following thrice)
Ecko, Ecko Azerak,
Ecko, Ecko Zomelak,
Ecko, Ecko Cernunnos,
Ecko, Ecko Aradia.

Additional Comments:

Since the inception of Gardnerian Wicca and the subsequent release of the Of Shadows that served the Coven Gerald Gardener & Doreen Valentine founded The Witches Rune has been rewritten/reinterpreted countless times. The version I have presented here has proven to be the most accurate, concise and effective for me personally, please (as with all things Craft Related) feel free to edit, add or change it to what Feels right for you.

Spell Origin:

A variation on the original Witches Rune from the Book Of Shadows of Gerald Gardener & Doreen Valentine

Originally posted by FraterAC, 25 Mar, 2013. Reposted after web port by Morningbird with hopes that FraterAC will continue to share on the new site!

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