The Oak Pentagram Amulet

Protection for the home, Beacon to other Magick Folks & Symbol of Midsummer.

Spell Timing:

Midsummer, A Full Moon or on a Saturday (Sacred to Saturn, Lord of the Oak)

Suggested Tools:

-5 X Small (6-8"), thin sticks of Oak (best if cut fresh & still green for flexibility)
-5 X Lengths of Natural Twine or Leather (If using a color, Red or Yellow would be best)
-MOST IMPORTANT You & Your Magickal Intent


1) Cast your Circle, Call the Elements & "Call Down" (Invoke, Evoke) the Deity, Power or Spirits from whom you draw your strength &/or the Powers relevant to your own personal Tradition.

2) Light the incense…whatever your preference but including some dried oak leaves in the mix would be appropriate.

3) Acknowledge & thank the Spirit of the Oak tree from which you cut the twigs & meditate a while on the Oak & what it stands for, its meaning to different cultures throughout the ages.

4) Assemble the Oak twigs to form an interwoven pentagram.

5) With the string or leather, begin binding the twigs at each point of the pentagram, all the while chanting…the chant can be something common like the "Goddess Chant" (Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali…Inanna.. repeated over & over) or something more personal & of your own creation.

6) When all 5 points of the pentagram are bound pause again & meditate/visualize all of the powers you've called for this ritual..the Elements, Deities etc flowing into the amulet you have created.

7) Thank all of the Elements & powers you have called & give them license to depart.

Additional Comments:

Spell Origin:

Taught to me by a very old Italian Lady, she called herself a Catholic but often spoke of Aradia & well…taught me this spell!

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