The Honey Jar

This honey jar spell is intended to "sweeten" someone's disposition toward you. It works well for individuals but is particularly helpful for organizations, such as banks, juries, legal entities, companies you wish to work for or hope will give you a good deal, etc..

Spell Timing:

Waxing moon, you can tweak it according to what you're using the honey jar spell for. Legal in Libra, social clubs in Gemini, etc.

Suggested Tools:

1 jar
1 item representing the target. A business card or promotional item, a piece of paper with the target's signature, a photograph.
An image of yourself or your business. (This is optional, it'll work as well without this bit.)
Honey, sugar, or something else sweet (syrup, nectar, molasses etc. anything you have on hand. If you know what your target prefers, you can use that. Otherwise, use what you like.)


1. Clean and cleanse the jar well. You can reuse any jar, just be sure to soak and scrub the label off completely, wash it well and cleanse it of any former influences.
2. Charge all items toward your intent. Declare the purpose of each item by saying something appropriate. For example "This business card shall represent the mortgage company." "This photograph represents my family" "This jar shall contain my spell" "The sweetness of this honey shall sweeten the disposition of those who taste of it."
3. Place the representation of the target inside the jar and tape the representation of yourself outside the jar so that the image of the target is facing the image of yourself.
4. Now pour the sweet stuff into the jar until it completely covers the target object. Say something appropriate like "Think sweetly on me and my family, target, let honey flow from your lips as you speak of me. Listen with delighted ears as I make my request and fulfill it with joy in your heart."
5. Now place the honey jar on your altar or somewhere nearby and keep it there until it's done its job.
6. Recharge the spell regularly. You can place a tea light candle on top of the jar and light it periodically while repeating your intention (from step 4.) Or open it up and add a few more drops of honey (or whatever sweetener you used) while repeating your intention.

Additional Comments:

Although jars are very convenient for this spell, you do not have to use a jar. Any container will work. A sugar bowl or cookie jar would work just as well. I like to get those glass Christmas ornaments they sell for $1 a dozen right after the holidays and pop off the metal top to use for my jar spells because they are pretty and you can hang them up above the altar (less clutter) and you can incorporate color, if you like. But any old container will do. It doesn't even need to have a lid, but if it doesn't, you could get ants or flies. However, if you just need it for a very short period of time, for the day, perhaps, a lid isn't necessary.
When you are done with this spell, bury the components.

Spell Origin:

Jar spells and container spells, in general, are very ancient and have evolved throughout the years. Jars have been found with spell ingredients in them throughout Europe and they are popular in modern American folk magick today. Specifically, sweetener jar spells have been brought to modern awareness by Hoodoo practitioners, though honey isn't a traditional ingredient. There are many variations on this spell, this is the one I use. I don't know specifically who invented them. They are a product of cultural evolution.

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