To purify a house or someone's spirit

Spell Timing:

Waxing or full moon, preferably during the night

Suggested Tools:

Sprig of Sage
Sprig of Thyme
White candle
Your voice
Cloth bag


Focus your energy. Cool your mind, and meditate for as long as is necessary, and then light the white candle. If you're healing someone else, ask them to sit in front of you cross legged. Light the sprig of sage with the white candle. As soon as it burns out, set it in front of you on a piece of cloth. Repeat "et hoc exsilium languorem et malum" three times. Light the sprig of thyme. It should smell sweet and clean to you. Place the burned thyme with the sage, and then fold the cloth up into a bag. Secure it. Either tell the person you're healing to keep the bag with them, or place it above the entry to the house you're purifying.

Ground yourself by stomping, laughing, and having something to eat.

Additional Comments:

Be safe with fire. Don't burn yourself.

Spell Origin:

I created this spell as necessity required.

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