Moon Water Spell

To make blessed, holy water that can be used for any intent. such as to heal yourself, heal your plants, or bless spells or rituals. i personally drink some everytime I feel a cold coming on and it seems to get rid of it.

Spell Timing:

Full moon, the night before or after the full moon would work as well.

Suggested Tools:

Bottled water
A glass jar (if you cant get a hold of one for whatever reason, you are free to use whatever container so long as it is not metal)


Place the jar of water outside on direct moonlight (or, if you're in the broom closet like I was, a windowsill would do fine, so long as it reaches the moonlight) then you cant bless the water with sage, or leave a crystal or two inside with the water to enhance the charge. Blessing the water with sage isn't hard, you can buy a little bottle at a grocery store and simply say "I bless this water with sage, so mote it be" and/or light a few candles around it as well as incense. The better you plan out your intent with the optional ingredients, the better. I usually say this blessing before I leave it "queen of moon, goddess of stars, bless the water, within this jar" then just leave it for as long as you wish (overnight is recommended) but don't let the water touch sunlight.

Additional Comments:

see also moon water

Spell Origin:

Many people have used similar methods for hundreds of years.

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