//For when one wishes to keep themselves or their deeds unnoticed. To slip through the cracks and hide one's mistakes, or to remain hidden from a dangerous/undesirable person or situation. //

Spell Timing:

Waning Crescent/New Moon

Suggested Tools:

1 Gray Candle
Neptune Oil and/or incense
Heliotrope oil and/or flowers
Slippery Elm powder
Dusty Miller
Solomon's Invisibility Seal (6th Pentacle of the Sun)
Black bag, cloth, or box


Carve into the candle, that which you wish to hide. Then, carve, over those words, with the phrase Neptune('s) Veil(s). Anoint the candle with your oil(s) while visualizing yourself, and any signs of you, hidden by an eclipse in the sky, completely obscured from anyone's awareness. Once anointed, dust the candle with slippery elm powder. On the back of the Seal, mark your name or the name of that which is to remain hidden. Place the seal beneath the candle and cover the base of the candle with dusty miller. Burn your incense; Light the candle and say:

Neptune, God of the sea, hide me in your murky waters… and just as the Moon now hides in the shadow of the earth, veil (what you're hiding) from (names)'s discovery.
May they have eyes but not see,
ears but not hear
hands but not reach,
may they not see hear nor even smell me…
..Neptune veil me.
After the candle burns out, collect remains and put it in a black bag, or wrap it in cloth or a small box… and HIDE IT!

Additional Comments:

Whatever visualizations help you to feel secure may be used, so get creative (eg: having the skin of a chameleon which blends in the surroundings.)
I listed Neptune and Heliotrope for ingredients as both should be utilized if possible; using heliotrope oil to anoint the candle as well as yourself, while burning Neptune incense or vice versa. If Neptune incense is not obtainable, use ingredients associated with Neptune (eg: poppy flowers/seeds, or any sea plants)
When hiding your remains, make sure it is somewhere where it win't be unearthed.

Spell Origin:

N/A (me)


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