Fortune's Blessing

To bring an aura of fortune/benefit

Spell Timing:

On a slightly cloudy night with a Waxing moon (after a new moon but before a full moon)

Suggested Tools:

5 shiny coins
A thatched mat
An igneous rock as black as night
A flower with pure white petals, no imperfections on its colour
(A pestle and mortar)
Your spit
A bell
5 Candles (lit)


Draw a circle (as best as you can to being perfectly circular) 9ft in diameter with the chalk.
Draw a 5 pointed star with double lines.
Put the leaves of the flower in the mortar and grind with a pestle, adding your spit into it. to make a small paste.
Pick a point on the star and make that your main point. Associate it with yourself and your safe center. This for reference is point 1. The other 4 points along the star will be numbered going clockwise from point 1. If you are South of the equator then it is anti-clockwise.
Dip each coin in the paste and put each coin on a point on the star.
Chant as you do each point as follows:
1) Sanctuary gather
2) The order flows
3) Flow truly into here
4) The precious woven
5) Protection seal end
Put the candles on the inside of the circle at each of the 5 points, facing you inside the star
Light the candles.
Put the thatched mat in the center.
Stand in the circle with the bell in your left hand and the rock in your right hand, facing towards the first point in the circle (1) Ring the bell

Say the following incantation, do not think about fortune, think about your home
"I come before the strength is ripe
Moon desire, bare in night
Grant me vigor, protection, might
In your aura out of sight
Blessing empowered light"

Hold the stone up and let it fill with the aura.
Step out the circle
Put the rock in your home and keep out of the moonlight.

Additional Comments:

Hello fellows,
This is a spell that was made by my family who have been practicing mysticism for close to 120 years. This is my first spell sharing and I hope you can benefit as my family has done.

Spell Origin:

A family made spell refined over 30 years.

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