Find what is lost

To help you retrieve a missing object

Spell Timing:

5-10 mins

Suggested Tools:

A small box
A scent of your choice
Anything linked to your object (a drawing will do)
A steady, thoughtful mind


1.Put the scent and linker into the box.Close it.
2.Say this incantation:
"A precious object, rich with love
fell somewhere to the ground.
the Hidden chanced upon it there,
and took what it had found.
The rightful owner wants it back,
she seeks the object so,
She can retrieve that which is hers,
Please tell her where to go."
3. Carry the box around your home,or wherever you t think you may have lost the object.

Additional Comments:

Spell Origin:

It is from a book about witchcraft, but is definitely real, because i lost my bracelet, used the spell and found it.

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