Ending Harmful Poisons

To Keep All Safe from Poisons

Spell Timing:

Use when you see chemtrails, poisons such as Round-up, but also for any poisonous situation.

Suggested Tools:

Intent is most important. Otherwise, circle-casting, and any candles, incense, stones, herbs for banishing that you wish.


Upon witnessing a poisonous situation, of course, take any "mundane" action necessary, such as asking a neighbor to stop putting Round-up on your dandelions.
Also, look at the source of the poison, and ask for protection:
"Around about, above and below, please protect from anything that seeks to harm, interfere, or interrupt, whether within or without."
Then say these words, either aloud or in your mind:
"Harmful poisons, go away. Never come another day.
We ask our Lord and Lady dear, please take these poisons far from here.
Send them into loving arms, to tranform poisons to do no harm.
For the good of all, and the harm of none,
So mote it be, let it be done."
Thank the Lord and Lady and all beneficial energies for their help.

Additional Comments:

As a novice spell writer, I'm always glad for suggestions, changes, etc.

Spell Origin:

Looking at chemtrails in the sky, wondering if they are really poisons, besides calling news organizations, etc., which seemed futile, I decided to try this spell. The words just sort of came to me. The preamble is from local light workers.

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