Calming Spell

To calm oneself in the beginning stages of an anxiety attack.

Spell Timing:

When you feel yourself going into an anxiety attack.

Suggested Tools:

Protection Crystal
Grounding Crystal
Your own personal crystal


1) Hold each crystal in each of your hands (this gives you something to physically ground youself as well as accepting the crystals' energies into your body).
2) Focus your breathing into slow and deep breaths while relaxing the muscles in your face (being aware of both of these actions helps to relax the rest of your body as well).
3) Repeat this chant out loud (this distracts your thoughts from the things causing your anxiety as well as focuses your attention away from the problems):
"This moment is as it should be. I am here, I am now, and I can make peace with this moment. I draw positivity into myself and expel the negatives."

Additional Comments:

I personally use Black Tourmaline (for grounding), Selenite (for protection and clarity), and Labradorite (as my personal crystal).
Feel free to change the chant to anything that makes sense to you, or that you feel better focuses your own thoughts.

Spell Origin:

I made it up for when I start to feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack.

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