A Golden Psi-ball for Happiness

A quick and easy way to feel better if you are depressed or down.

Spell Timing:

Doing this in sunlight is good. A Sunday would be suitable.

Suggested Tools:

A quiet, warm place to sit.
Some incense with Sun correspondence if possible.


Stand or sit in a warm room where you will not be disturbed. Light some suitable incense, such as sun-correspondenced, and lower the lights.

Close your eyes and begin slow or “square” breathing until you feel relaxed. Begin to send down your psychic roots into the Earth below you, then with indrawn breaths pull up green or golden earth energy until your body is glowing with it. Hold the power.

Now send your mind out to the people and things that make you feel happy, secure and empowered, your loved ones, your close friends, your favorite books and possessions, your garden…whatever it is makes you feel good. If your mind brushes over a family member or acquaintance, a situation or incident that does not make you feel like this, move your mind on without lingering on this person or thing.

Stretch out your hands and feel all the good feelings from these things come to you and enter your body, exactly as the earth energy did. Feel the power fill you and burn brightly in the center of your chest. Feel all your blessings, and know the Goddess has sent them to you for a reason.

Relax and allow the golden blessings to spread all over your body. They may remain, but then allow the earth energy to drain away back into the earth, keeping only a little if you really need to, and thanking your Mother for it.

Additional Comments:

Repeat this as often as you need to.

Spell Origin:

My own Book of Shadows

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