A Bowl of Love

To create or renew love.

Spell Timing:

New moon or Waxing.

Suggested Tools:

1. A small glass bowl, a little bigger than the size of one's fist will do.
2. Rose petals of any color. I reccomend red or pink.
3. Small white flowers, such as Queen Anne's Lace.
4. A small twig of rosemary, smaller than your pinky finger.
5. Anything small that reminds you of the person. (I myself added flowers I collected on a walk with my person.)
6. Water
7. A windowsill


1. Fill the glass bowl about 3/4 of the way with water.
2. Float one rose petal on the water. Put the smaller white flowers around it. Put the twig of rosemary in the rose petal.
3. Put the things that remind you of the person in the rose petal as well. This can be some sort of trinket, a sigil, etc. You can also sprinkle some red or pink glitter over the bowl for a more light-hearted love.
4. Place on the windowsill at night and let it sit overnight. You can either keep the bowl near the window after that, or dump out the water and collect all the objects in a small cloth bag and keep that.

Additional Comments:

Tip: If this is a new love coming after an old one, rip up a couple of rose petals and sink them in the water before putting in the other items. This will help you move on from the past love and keep your head in the now.

Spell Origin:

I created this spell for myself.


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