Pine essential oil is an ingredient in many cleaning solutions as it has a fresh, uplifting scent and has antibacterial qualities and is said to repel insects, particularly lice and fleas. Pine oil can be inhaled to help clear sinus blockage and loosen phlegm as well as to provide a general lift to the mood and spirit, but its action is quite strong and can cause respiratory irritation in sensitive people.

The oil is usually distilled from the Pinus sylvestris species. For more information about using pine essential oil for healing, see the pine page in the herbal section.

Pine incense is made of pine resin and is traditionally burned in the winter to clear negative energy and lift the spirit. It is stimulating and encourages optimism. Pine incense can be burned during reversal spells designed to turn a negative spell into a positive one. Pine can be burned for general healing, (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,) for grounding and general strength.

Pine resin can be used as a substitute for copal or combined with it for a powerful purifying incense. Combined with camphor, it can be used to aid exorcism operations.

The book Thrice-Greatest Hermes mentions pine resin as an incense useful for creating a healthful atmosphere and helping to the body and spirit wake up in the morning in the morning. It also mentions burning pine and other fragrant woods such as cypress and juniper in sickrooms to help cure the plague as well as an ingredient in other fragrant healing blends1.

Everyone has a different correspondence for this oil and I can see everyone's point. I am feeling the element of Earth for the fragrance of Pine because it is so grounding and associated with health, but I can see Fire because of its banishing and protective qualities. And I feel the planet Saturn because I feel its connection to the God Saturn and its ability to turn a negative into a positive feels Saturn-esque to me, but I see the suggestion of Mars from others, and I can agree with that for the same reason I can agree with Fire, though I think Mars might be a little too harsh- it's not that hot. But Pine is uplifting, stimulating, warming, abundant and loving like the energy of the Sun. After all, Sol Invictus. And is not the Sun the greatest disinfectant? Why can't it be Sun AND Earth? It totally can.

Remember to always use good ventilation when burning any incense. In the winter this can be tricky.

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