The fragrance of basil is warming, stimulating and brings a sense of peace. It can be used in spells to help improve focus and memory, to improve mood in general, to help brainstorm solutions to problems in a group or family and to bring about peaceful resolutions and harmonious cooperation. It can be used in protective spells to ward of illnesses, particularly for children.

The essential oil added to a floor wash, or the fresh herb infused into vinegar then added to a floor wash is a great way to use basil's energy and fragrance. It is also gently anti-bacterial so you get a house cleaning bonus.

Basil oil has a pleasant smell, so it is easy to wear and add to perfume blends. It is said that the fragrance will make women more attractive to men.

Put oil in a diffuser or burn basil incense to help break spells cast against you and to improve the overall mood of a space, relieving tension and weariness while bringing about a sense of peace. In a place of business, the scent of basil encourages more customers while relieving tension among employees.

The scent of basil resonates with the element of fire and the planet mars and stimulates the heart chakra.

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