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In the mundane and scientific world, the word vibration refers to the movement of an object back and forth around a central point, an oscillation, a quivering. Atoms, those bits of energy that make up matter, vibrate at different rates. Vibration in an object is a mechanical phenomenon that can release other types of energy such as heat and sound, the degree of which varies by the speed of the vibration. These vibrations can transfer from one object to another. When you touch a vibrating object...


Visualization is a meditative technique by which a magic-user formulates his desired magickal result in his mind's eye. It is extremely useful for ensuring spell success but has many mundane applications as well. Many books and teachers in the leadership and self-help arenas encourage positive visualization as a tool for helping to achieve goals and changes in one's self. Visualization is an important step between thought and conception. It is like a blueprint for your magical goals detailing...

Void Of Course

Definition of Void of Course A planet is said to be void of course when it is not aspecting any other planet. The term void of course is usually applied to the moon and refers to the period of time when the moon is no longer aspecting any planets in the last sign it was in but has not aspected any planets in the sign it will go into next. This void of course period may last only a few minutes or it may last several hours to a day. During this time, the moon is still in its previous sign, though...

Voodoo doll

The term Voodoo doll is a Western term for a poppet or effigy used for sympathetic magic, usually implying that the magick is negative and harmful. The term Voodoo doll implies that the use of the doll in magick is specific to Voodoo and the depiction of the use of the doll in popular media implies that the doll is primarily used to harm others but this is not the case. While a Voodoo adherent may employ sympathetic practices using poppets for a variety of purposes, it is not a defining...

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