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In English, a tagolock is a matted bunch of wool or hair. Metaphysically speaking, a taglock is a personal item that creates a link to the target. If the taglock is from a person or animal, you might use hair, bodily fluids, a photograph, personal clothing, something bearing their signature, or fingerprints (or a paw print); any other item that can create a sympathetic link with the target of a spell. If your target is a location rather than an individual, a suitable taglock might be a key to...


A talisman is an object worn, carried or placed in a location with the intention of warding off negative energy, evil spirits, disease or bad luck. Find beautiful talismans at Ka Jewelry.

The All

The All is part of the Hermetic philosophy as outlined in the Kybalion but similar to concepts seen in many other philosophies and traditions throughout history. The All is everything. Everything that is, was and could be. Real things, unreal things, truths, untruths. We all exist within the All, and the All exists within us. For some, the All is God. For some, the All is Chi. For some the all is the element of Spirit, or Aether. For some the all is the energy of the Universe that makes up all...

Third eye

The term third eye varies by community in specific meaning but the general meaning across communities refers to a literal or metaphorical sensory organ which allows one to see beyond the normally defined five senses into the realm of the psychic. For those who engage in Eastern practices, the term third eye refers to the third eye or brow chakra, the Ajna, which is located between the eyebrows. This third eye, which connects humans to spirit and their higher selves, is strengthened through...


A tincture is an alcoholic extract of herbal constituents. To make a tincture, fill a wide-mouthed jar with the herb you wish to extract. Fill it with 100 proof alcohol (vodka or everclear), seal it tightly and forget about it for a few months. The strain and re-bottle. Usually the dosage is just a few drops at a time. Herbal Extracts and Tinctures from Mountain Rose Herbs


A tisane is an herbal infusion made from any plant that is not made from the tea leaf Camellia sinensis. Today it is often referred to as herbal tea in common language and only purists will disagree.


The word totem is of Ojibwe origin. It derives from the word dodaem meaning brother/sister/kin and refers to an ancestral or tutelary spirit, usually in the form of a plant or animal, that protects a family, clan or tribe. Everyone with the same totem is considered a family member with kinship obligations and the animal or plant archetype that the totem represents is also family with similar obligations. It is taboo to marry a person born under your totem and also taboo to kill your totem...


A trance state is one of half-consciousness in which the practitioner is connected to another state of being. It is associated with hypnosis or self-hypnosis, and is often used to describe various altered states of consciousness. The word trance comes from the Latin word transire meaning to cross over Mediums usually operate out of a trance state.

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