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The word occult comes from the Latin occultus which means hidden or secret and the word occult refers to secret or hidden knowledge and typically refers to the paranormal. The study of the occult is generally called occultism and people who study the occult are occultists.


Occultism is the study of the occult, of the hidden and most secret nature of the Universe and of the individual things within it. Occultists seek to understand and indeed manipulate reality at a level beyond the ordinary. Occultism may encompass the study of a variety of disciplines including sorcery, ceremonial-magick, witchcraft, Kaballah, alchemy, shamanism, astrology, and various forms of divination and may also incorporate the most accepted sciences such as Botany, Quantum Physics,...


An occultist is a person who studies the occult. It is a general term that encompasses anyone who studies metaphysical subjects, paranormal phenomena, magick, divination, astrology, alchemy and anything else that might be considered supernatural. Self-identified occultists, however, aren't just dabblers. They tend to make deep and serious study of one or more of these subjects and seek to become experts in their field.


An omen is an unusual event that foretells a greater event. Omens can be good or bad. The translation of an omen as a good sign or a bad sign is often determined by the culture and background of the individual. If there is some question, various methods of divination may be used to clarify things. Historically, hepatoscopy, haruspicy, lecanomancy, or libanomancy were most often used, though any method of divination may be employed. See Also


Oomancy is divination using eggs. The word derives from the ancient Greek oon egg and manteia divination . Also known as ovomancy, ovamancy, ooscopy Oomancy was performed in ancient Greece and Rome. It was reported by Reverend John Hale in A Modest Inquiry into the Nature of Witchcraft that the girls at the heart of the Salem Witch Trials played at fortune telling using eggs and a glass to determine the profession of their future husbands. It seems that this was a common form of divination...

Out Of Body Experience

An out of body experience is the experience of leaving your body. Many report a sensation of floating or flying and some report viewing their body from the outside. This is often abbreviated OBE or OOBE. (Some pronounce this like OO bee.) Out of body experiences may be intentional or accidental. Accidental OBEs may occur when the subject is in a relaxed, dream-like state; while he is starting to drift off to sleep or as the result of a drug. OBEs have also been reported as a result of a serious...

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