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Karma is a concept originating with the Hindu religion, inherited by Buddhism and Jainism and appropriated by many modern Western magico-religious traditions. Each of these defines karma somewhat differently. Karma means action or deed and it refers (at its most simplistic) to the actions and intentions in this life that affect our position after death and rebirth. Good karma can lead to an improvement of circumstances upon rebirth while bad karma can lead to rebirth at a lower station....

Knot Magic

Knot magic, also called cord magic, involves casting spells using the physical act of tying and/or untying knots to bind or release the spell(s). Generally, knot magic requires a piece of string. A witch may choose to use twine, yarn, thread or ribbons, anything she has on hand. Any piece of string may be used. Some witches have a dedicated stash or you can use any old bit you find around, though it is a good idea to cleanse it first to make sure it doesn't have any energies that could interfere...

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