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A Jewitch is someone who identifies as both a Jew and Witch. The nature of the Judiasm and the nature of the Witchcraft can vary greatly by individual. This is sometimes spelled Jewwitch or Jew-witch, or Jew Witch. See also, Jewitchery. From around the web Nice Jewitch Girls Leave their Brooms in the Closet


Jewitchery is the practice of Witchcraft by a Jewish person or the integration of Wiccan or another Witchcraft spirituality with Jewish culture. A Jewitch may consider Judaism to be their religion and Witchcraft a non-religious activity, or he may identify as a Jew in a cultural context only or he may combine two spiritualities, Judaism and a magico-religious tradition like Wicca, into a synchretic whole. Jewitchery may involve the practice or witchcraft using traditional Jewish symbols, such as...


The term journey is often used in the metaphysical community to describe an active meditation or astral projection that is undertaken as a truth-seeking mission or similar, often to find out deeper truths about the self and to connect with different aspects of the self. A journey group is a group of people who gather to undertake meditative or astral journeys together and discuss their experiences. Sometimes these journeys are guided by a speaker. On occasion, herbs may be used to facilitate the...

Magical Journaling

Journaling is an exercise practiced by many magic-users for a variety of purposes and in many different methods. Journaling can be an exercise in focus, it can help us broaden our view of things, helps us make connections and helps us keep track of our growth, or lack thereof. The Book of Shadows is probably the most well-known journal that a witch keeps. It is generally a book outlining a witch's magical experiments, reference notes and observations, though many witches keep a scrap journal for...

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