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An incantation is the collection of words that are recited as part of a spell or sometimes as the spell itself, such as a short rhyme spoken to make a wish at the sight of the first star of the evening. Incantions often takes the form of chants and sometimes songs. Many witches prefer to have their incantations rhyme. There is some advantage to this in that it makes the incantation easier to remember, particularly if it is one that will be used often, for calling the quarters for instance, but...


Incense is a resinous base, often mixed with additional herbs or essential oils and burned to release fragrance.


An infusion is water or oil in which plants have been steeped. Most often the liquid is hot or boiling when it is poured over the herbs. The herbs are then allowed to steep until the desired strength of flavor is achieved. Water infusions are often called tea or tisane.


Magical intent is the purpose of magickal work - the true purpose, with all of the unnecessary frills stripped away. Your intent is the foundation of magical work, it is your goal, what you truly wish to accomplish. Successful magick begins with intent and surrounds it with actions; ceremonial, magickal and mundane, to achieve your Will.

intentional dreaming

Intentional dreaming is dreaming with a purpose, or intent. Generally, the intent is stated out loud before sleep, or written into the dream journal before retiring. Once sleep has overtaken you, the intention plays out in your dreams. The possibilities for examples of these intentions are pretty broad: You may dream with the intention of remembering your dreams. You may dream with the intention of experiencing lucid dreaming or dream walking. You may dream with the intention of communicating...


To invoke a spirit is to summon or draw a spirit being into your own body. This is usually done to encourage communication between the spirit world and the material world and is part of many magico-religious practices. The words invoke and evoke are often used synonymously, but Aleister Crowley notes the distinction: To invoke is to call in , just as to evoke is to call forth . This is the essential difference between the two branches of Magick. In invocation, the macrocosm floods the...

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