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Earth Based Spirituality

Earth-based spirituality is a spiritual and religious worldview that puts the Earth in the center of the spiritual practice. Some of these paths view the Earth as divine and may refer to the Earth as their Mother Goddess. In this case the Earth may be the primary or only deity, or She may be part of a larger family of deities. Many Earth-based spiritualities are Pantheist or Panentheist, and some are Atheist in nature. A notable example includes Gaian Spirituality or Gaianism which is based on...

Earth Sign

An Earth sign is a zodiac sign associated with the Earth element. Individuals born during this sign are said to be practical, steadfast, stubborn, dependable, realistic, grounded and persistent. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Earth signs.


An effigy is a three-dimensional image created to resemble a specific person or entity. They are usually created to be destroyed. In modern times, effigies are often created in caricature of political figures and burned as a form of protest to show the peoples' displeasure with the individual. An effigy may be created and then destroyed as a magical act to banish an individual or entity or cause them harm. An effigy of a dying God or another figure of heroic sacrifice may be created and burned...


The word egregore comes from the Greek ἑγρήγορος egrḗgoros meaning wakeful or watching 1. The egregore or egregor is a term used by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and The Kaballistic Order of Rosicrucians to describe the personality a group takes on independent of its members. It is a sort of thought form being that is formed from the collective consciousness of a group of people but develops its own autonomy capable of exerting influence on the group's members. Groups can...


An elder is a person who is established in the magickal community and has made an impact on the community, our knowledge base or lore, in some meaningful way.

Elemental Spirit

Elemental spirits are spirits associated with each of the four elements. They were first described in alchemical works written by Paracelsus in the 16th century. The names of the spirit creatures vary by tradition but the most common are: Earth elementals - gnomes Water elementals - undines or nymphs Air elementals - sylphs Fire elementals - salamanders

Eleusinian Mysteries

History and Research The Eleusinian Mysteries are believed to have begun during the 1700sBC and they continued for over 2000 years, spreading in time from Greece to Rome. They were initiation ceremonies celebrated by the cult of Demeter and Persephone in Eleusis (modern day Elefsina) in ancient Greece. The rites were secret and their details remain secret to this day, but it is believed that they involved union with the Gods and promises of life after death or resurrection. Some scholars believe...


An elixir is a magical potion designed to bring about transformation or a medical potion designed to bring about healthy change over a long period of time. Elixirs may produce drawing magic, the ingredients designed to attract certain energies to the person who ingests them though most elixirs are designed to bring about change in the person's own body, mind or spirit. Elixirs usually contain a combination of herbs, often in an alcohol base, and may also contain minerals or they may be created...

Energy Work

Energy work is any work that involves changes to the human energy field or subtle body. It is commonly used as part of a holistic healing regimen or alternative medicine. The practitioner makes adjustments to the flow of life energy using various techniques including acupuncture, acupressure, or may use crystals or their own energy through Reiki or Laying on of hands. More Online http://www.pjentoft.com/energy-report.html

Enochian Magick

Enochian magick is a system of ceremonial magick based on the writings of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley who claimed to have contacted the angel Ave several times between 1582-1589, taught them the Enochian language and gave them the key to the esoteric secrets contained within the Books of Enoch. Mr. Kelly peered into a crystal shewstone to receive the visions and Dr. Dee recorded his descriptions of the visions in his journals. The system of magic was not known as Enochian by Dr. Dee and Mr....


The term entity describes a non-specific being with an independent existence and personality. In other words, a conscious thing with a self-contained existence. When we use the term entity in metaphysical circles, we are generally speaking of non-corporeal, ethereal or cryptozoological beings that we may or may not have specific names for but it may well refer more ordinary material beings as well. In mundane legal language, an entity can also refer to businesses and organizations as well.


The equinox is the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator. At this time, the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately equal. There is an Autumnal Equinox and a Vernal Equinox each year.


An esbat is a day for spiritual gatherings of a coven or circling group or observation by a solo practitioner. Esbats are days specially set aside for spellwork or worship (or both) and may take place on either the full moon or the new moon or both depending on tradition.


The essence of a thing is the basic or true nature of the thing. It also refers to a fragrance. Or the concentrated form of something, especially a plant, obtained through distillation. Among magical people, the word essence appears in a lot of different contexts. Spygeric elixirs are also often referred to as essences. These combine a tincture of a plant with a distillate and the salts extracted from the ash of the same plant. Through spygeric methods, all of the fat and water soluble...


Evil is a concept that varies greatly according to tradition. Generally, it is a force of destruction or disruption. Many religions have a creator God or tutelary deity that symbolizes goodness, rightness, or morality or who has put forth rules to live by. It may be found, not just as actions that are harmful to others, but in actions, and even attitudes that counter the established morality of the community, even if they cause no real disruption or harm to anyone else. Evil then would be...

Evil Eye

The evil eye is a belief that exists in some form in most cultures. The basic idea is that if someone feels envy or jealousy and spends too long gazing a the object of their envy, their feelings can be transmitted to in the form of a bad luck curse or illness. In most cases, the envious person does not intend to harm the object of their envy but the energy of the envy takes on a life of its own. Beautiful children, happy brides, healthy livestock and bountiful crops are especially likely to...


To evoke a spirit is to call it up, to summon it forth, to bring it into the place where you are, particularly in hopes of gaining its favor. See also and compare invoke


An exorcism is the forcible expulsion of a negative energy or negative entity from a person or place.

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