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A balefire is a ritual bonfire used by some Pagan traditions in Sabbat celebrations, particularly Fire festivals such as Beltane and Litha. From Old English bǣl = funeral pyre though some believe it is related to Bel or Belanos.


To banish something is to drive it away or send it away. See banishing


Banishing spells are spells designed to send something or someone away or to prevent their return. To banish something means to send it away or drive it away from a location. In the mundane world banishment implies that whoever is banished can never return or is no longer welcome, but magical banishment is a little different. Banishing Rituals A banishing ritual is often performed at the beginning of a ceremony in order to rid the ritual area of negative or unwanted energy or entities that may...

Bath Tea

A bath tea is an herbal bath with both healing and magickal applications. To create a bath tea, herbs are placed in a cloth bag and water is poured over the bag as the tub is filled to infuse the water with the properties of the herbs within the bag. The bag may also be placed directly into the bathwater with the bather. Bath teas are a convenient way to apply the magickal or medicinal properties of herbs to the entire body of an individual. They make for easy cleanup and since they can be made...


A besom is a ceremonial broom. It is used to clear an area of unwanted energy, to establish sacred space and for blessing and protecting the home. It is also used in marriage and other ceremonies to symbolize the end of one thing and the beginning of another. More Information Online The Besom at Kitchen Witch Corner


A binding spell is a spell that symbolically ties the target up restricting his, her or its actions or keeping him or her (or it) tied to another individual, object, place or situation. A binding spell can be positive or negative.1. A positive binding spell joins two things together. For example, if you were particularly fond of a ring, you might bind it to you so that it wouldn't get lost or would always return to you. You could bind a pet to you, to be a familiar or just a lifelong companion....


A bindrune or bind-rune is a combination of runes in a single image to represent something else. The runes are bound together in various ways. It could be as simple as a name, or something like a spell sigil. Learn More Online Bindrunes Introduction at Runemaker

Black Magic

There are several ways to view black magic it is as a term that has been used in many different contexts. We will attempt to begin with the most widely accepted views. Black Magic as Evil Magic In this view, Black Magic is associated with things that according to civilized people should not exist at all. It is an abomination rather than a part of the cycle of life and death. For some, merely to consider using Black Magic is to risk one's future happy existence. Evil is something that pollutes...

Black Magick

Black magick is a largely subjective term for describing magick based on intent or style of practice. There are several ways to view black magic as a term that has been used in many different contexts. We will attempt to begin with the most widely accepted views. Black Magic as the Opposite of White Magic In this view, Black Magic is associated with dark deities, death, secrets, night-time, yin, and the ending of things. If magic can be viewed as a circle, then there is Black, White, and Grey...

Black Moon

The term black moon is the dark of the moon's (or new moon) equivalent of the term blue moon, which is applied to the full moon. Like the blue moon, the details for the definition of the term black moon used by witches and other magic-users who work with the energy of the moon vary between traditions. The black moon may be the second dark moon or new moon in a one month period or it may refer to a month in which there is no full moon. February is the only month in which a full moon may be absent...

Blue Moon

In modern vernacular, the term blue moon most often refers to the occasion of an extra full moon occurring in a month. Most months have only one full moon, but sometimes there will be a second full moon in a month known as the blue moon. This can occur during any month of the year, except February. Upcoming dates for the blue moon according to this definition: 2015: July 2, July 31 2018: January 2, January 31 2018: March 2, March 31 2020: October 1, October 31 In 1946, Sky Telescope magazine...


A boline is a functional ceremonial blade used for any purpose that may require a sharp blade- cutting and harvesting herbs, cutting cords, ribbons, string, etc., carving symbols into candles and objects are a few possibilities. Traditionally the boline has a white handle, (it is sometimes referred to as the white handled knife ). Bolines usually, but not always, have a single sharpened blade, which is often curved and may take the shape of a small sickle, the traditional crescent shape...

Book Of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is a Witch's journal. It contains notes on experiments, information she's picked up along the way, spells, recipes, correspondences, chants, traditions and more. A Coven may have a collective Book of Shadows outlining its basic beliefs, rules and practices with information about how to perform its own traditional ceremonies. Please see our collective Book of Shadows, or our guide How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows


Pennsylvania Dutch witches , known as hexenmeisters or braucher are often, but not always, male. The magical system itself is called Pow-Wow or Braucherei. The system combines Christian prayers with traditional European folk magic and Medieval Catholic charms. The Heathen tradition Urglaawe is a very similar tradition absent the Christian elements and also using the same magical system; braucherei. More Information Online Three Sisters Center for Healing Arts Die Braucherei Powow and...

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