Neptune is the eighth furthest planet from the sun in our solar system, the fourth largest in diameter and the third most massive. The planet is named after the Roman God of the Sea, Neptune.

Neptune was discovered in 1848 and is considered a "new" planet by astrologers as obviously, prior to its discovery it was not used in astrological calculations. Therefore, opinion on how Neptune affects a chart may vary from one astrologer to the next and some do not take Neptune into account at all.

Neptune rules the imagination, dreams and visions and their expression through art, dance, music, poetry, etc. In a personal chart, Neptune can point to areas where a person may have problems seeing through illusion as well as where someone will find their best creative expression. Those who have a strong Neptune influence may have a spiritual calling or be drawn toward mysticism.

Neptune takes about 14 years to complete its journey through any one sign and is thus considered a "generational planet", exerting its force on an entire generation. Since Neptune rules imagination and its expression, the fashionable movies, music, art, etc. of a generation can be influenced by what sign Neptune is in. Neptune also affects a generations idealist attitudes and points to areas where a generation will find dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Neptune's Key Correspondences

Neptune is generally associated with water and the sea. It is associated with the Roman God Neptune and his Greek counterpart Poseidon. As a relatively recently discovered planet, it does not have much in the way of ancient associations.

Neptune rules the astrological sign Pisces (along with jupiter)
Colors: Green, blue, lavender
Minerals: Coral, aquamarine, platinum, neptunium
Body Part: the thalamus and spinal column
Action: Dissolving boundaries, expanding upon ideas, changing established rules
Represents: Intuition, idealism, sacrifice, glamour, illusion, evolution and decay

Plants Associated with Neptune

Neptune plants tend to be gently aromatic with a watery fragrance and/or intoxicating. Plants that grow in or near the sea and plants that seem to grow randomly in all directions may also be associated with Neptune.

Bulrush, Lobelia, Morning glory, Night-blooming jasmine, Phragmytes, Perilla, Pine, Reed, Reed canary grass, Water Lily

Neptune in Magick

Neptune energy is useful for any magick related to the nonphysical including connection to the divine and divination, especially concerning cataclysmic issues. It is also useful for any ritual relating to the sea or any large body of water. Neptune energy is useful in any healing magick associated with the spinal canal, mental illness, neuroses or any illness of mysterious origin.

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