Many people like to read a Litany of the Dead as part of their Samhain and Day of the Dead celebrations. This year (and in the future) we thought it would be nice to provide a list for your convenience as well as to offer the community a place to honor their own dead from this past year. his year marked the transition of several people who greatly impacted not just the culture of the magical community, the greater culture we live in.

At the bottom of this list, please use the comment feature to add anyone we have missed, including members of your own local community.

Please remember that it is just bad manners to out other people without their permission, including the dead, so if you are listing people who were not publicly Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan or otherwise alternatively spiritual or Magickal, please use their public craft name if they had one or a nickname. It is not a requirement for people on this list to be a member of the magical community (as you can see many aren't) only that we can feel the impact of their lives and their deaths.

You are also welcome and encouraged to use the comments feature to offer prayers, poems, and anything else you feel is appropriate.

This and all future Litany of the Dead lists are recorded beginning from October 31st of the previous year.

Also visit Circle Sanctuary's memorial page and list of Pagan war dead at

You are invited and encouraged to remember your own beloved dead using the comments section below.