Natural History

Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate of aluminum with copper and traces of iron. It is an opaque stone that is bluish green in color. The color varies quite a bit though robin's egg blue is the most highly prized.

History and Folklore

Many Native American tribes valued turquoise for ceremonial objects and amulets. The Apache believed that an amulet of turquoise would improve its wearer's aim with a bow and arrow (or perhaps the turquoise was attached to either the bow or arrow, this is unclear).

Ancient Persians used turquoise extensively to decorate many objects from the mundane to the holy and wore the stones around their wrists or necks to warn them of approaching danger by changing color. (Turquoise does indeed change color in response to light and chemical reactions.)

Turquoise Correspondence

Turquoise is a birthstone for the month of December and a planetary stone for Aquarius, Taurus and Sagittarius.

Angel: Zadkiel;
Gods/Goddesses: Buddha, the Great Spirit, Sopedu, Hathor, Estsanatleki;
chakra: throat;
Element: earth, water, air;
Planet: Neptune,Venus;
Tarot: Empress.


In the 13th century, turquoise was thought to protect the wearer from falling, especially from a horse. Used also to protect horses themselves when plated in their manes or attached to the saddle.

Attaching turquoise to a bow makes the arrows fly true to the mark.

Pieces of turquoise were set under homes to protect against evil spirits.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Helps relieve pain from migraines, rheumatism, and sore throats. Aids vision, especially when troubled by cataracts. Boosts the immune system and helps tissue regeneration. Aids the respiratory system. Strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields.

Mind: Brings balance to the emotions. Aids creative thought. Calms nerves. Enhances self expression.

Magick: Aids astral travel. Wards off psychic attack. Helps repel intruders. Gives access to collective wisdom. Used in workings for wealth, healing, luck, protection, and love. Removes pollutants and equalizes a room’s energy. Helps protect children from bullying. Place on the collar or cage of a pet to prevent him from being lost or stolen. Increases psychic vibrations.

Care and Cleansing

Turquoise can fade in sunlight and can react to skin oils, perfumes, hair spray, cosmetics and other chemicals causing it to change color. It should be cleaned gently with a soft cloth and stored in a cloth bag separate from other jewelry which can scratch it.

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