Natural History

Glassy substance created when small meteorites strike the earth. Can be found throughout the world.

History and Folklore

Associated with gods of thunder.

Associated, also, with the Annunaki and the travelers from the Pleiades, as well as UFO’s.


Angel: Jehoel
Gods/Goddesses: Thor, Jupiter, Zeus, Adad
Chakra: Root
Element: fire
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Jupiter, Pluto.


Buried near your front and back doors, tektite is said to bring you good luck and to protect your home from storms.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Relieves skin disorders and problems with the autoimmune system. Aids fertility. Strengthens biometric sheath around the body.

Mind: Brings balance to emotions and to the chakras.

Magick: Aids extraterrestrial channeling. Good for all forms of star magick. Aids telepathy. Aids in communication with all dimensions.

Care and Cleansing

Leave outside during storms and during meteor showers. Leave on an outside altar during the dark of the moon on a clear night to absorb the light and power of the stars.

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