Most often, the word "salt" is used for sodium chloride a common compound, which is also present as halite. Salt is essential for life and has been used for food seasoning and preservation since time immemorial. It was an important commodity in the ancient world and remains important today.

The best type of salt to use for magick and potion-making is either sea salt or kosher salt. Table salt often has iodine which may interfere with certain chemical processes (fermentation, for example) and it also includes anti-caking agents. Add a few kernels of dry rice to your salt shaker to prevent your untreated salt from clumping up on you.

A dish of salt is often used to represent the element Earth on an altar.

Salt is said to absorb energy. It can be sprinkled around an area to absorb negative energy, swept up, and discarded. A ritual bath with salt in the water, or salt applied directly to the skin, often mixed with an oil for comfort, and then washed down the drain can be used to help an individual rid him/herself of negative energy as well.

See also black salt.

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