Pearls are very interesting gemstones. Unlike most, they are not formed within the Earth, but are instead formed as a sort of immunological reaction within the soft tissue of the body of a mollusk. Pearls are formed when a mollusk suffers irritation from a small object or parasite within the folds of its tissues and layers of calcium carbonate form around the object to protect the tissue of the animal from damage. Most shelled mollusks can create pearls but few create pearls the humans find aesthetically pleasing.

Saltwater pearls form in various species of oysters. Freshwater pearls form in freshwater mussels. Wild pearls are very difficult to find as you can't tell if a bivalve contains a pearl until you have pried it open and killed it. Because of this, natural pearls are quite valuable. Now cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms where humans seed the mollusks and then let nature take its course. The structure of cultured pearls is different from that of freshwater pearls and this can be observed through X-ray examination.

The Magickal Use of Pearls

Pearls may be worn to enhance one's femininity, to attract happiness, to improve concentration, to strengthen self esteem and to ensure balanced emotions and equitable love relationships. Pearls can be used in any full moon ritual.

Pearl Correspondences

Planet: Moon, Venus
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius
Element: water
Gender: feminine
Chakra: solar plexus

Pearl Colors

White Pearls Purity, a pure heart, peace, balance, emotions and lunar energy.
Gold Pearls For prosperity
Black Pearls For protection and prosperity
Pink Pearls Stimulate the heart chakra. Protection from sharks.

Caring for Pearls

The calcium carbonate that makes up a pearl can easily be dissolved in an acid, like vinegar. They should not be exposed to extreme heat or they may dry out and crack.

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