Muscovite is also known as common mica, isinglass or potash mica.

Muscovite in History and Folklore

Muscovate is the most common type of mica and is often simply called mica. It is composed primarily of aluminum and potassium.

Muscovite separates in fine, thin, flexible sheets that are extremely useful in the production of fireproofing and insulating materials. Muscovite was once called Muscovy glass after a province in Russia where it was used to make window panes. The name Muscovite has been in use since 1794.

Muscovite is often found attached to or inside other rocks, particularly granite and pegmatite but also tourmaline, topaz, beryl. The presence of Muscovite gives these stones an attractive sparkle. It can be transparent or translucent, colorless, gray, brown, yellow, violet or red depending on other minerals present. Pink is most common. When it is green, due to the presence of chromium, it is called fuchsite or mariposite.

Healing with Muscovite

Muscovite relieves self-doubt and encourages reflection to identify lessons learned in the past, a clear view of the present situation and a clear path to future success. Through reflection it also allows the identification of negative though patterns, habits and behaviors to aid in self improvement.

Muscovite relieves confusion and stimulates improved problem-solving abilities and can be used while studying and test-taking to help retain information and solve problems.

Muscovite can be used to improve dexterity and reduce clumsiness.

It is recommended for those with dyspraxia and other issues with motor skills.

Using Muscovite for Magick

Muscovite may be used in magick to develop psychic powers, enhance visions and visualization and improve intuition and it helps those new to magic to avoid being overwhelmed by psychic information and vibrations.

Muscovite may be used to assist in work designed to remove barriers to success, particularly those barriers that come from within.

Muscovite may be worn to protect the aura from psychic attack and can be used when contacting spirits to protect you from those that are less than friendly.

Charka(s): crown, third eye
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury

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