Natural History

Fossils are the preserved remains of ancient plants or creatures that have been infiltrated by minerals and turned to stone or the imprint of plants or creatures that have been left in stone after the stone has hardened and the creature or plant has decayed away.

History and Folklore

Stones that showed unusual indentations and patterns have always been given mystical significance by humans. Some fossils were carried as charms and some ground up into medicine.


Angel: Semakiel
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth, Water, Akasha
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Sabbat: Samhain
Tarot: Judgment


Fossils are ancient beyond the average imagination and yet they still remain. This makes them a handy stone to carry to promote longevity and strength.

Fossils with the imprints of sea creatures align with the element of water and petrified wood carries the energy of the tree from which it first fell. Likewise fossils of different animals represented their energy as well. Ammonite fossils, or Snakestone are said to aid in raising power and opening up psychic channels.

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