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A diamond is a very hard, clear stone popular for jewelry and also used for industrial purposes. A diamond may be colorless but often have a yellowish, brownish, pinkish or bluish tint. About one third of diamonds glow blue (or less often another color) when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas meaning "unbreakable" or "unchangeable".

Diamonds are mined all over the world but most diamonds on the market come from Africa. There are some ethical issues associated with diamonds as some are mined using child labor and some are sold in order to fund wars and genocide. These are referred to as "blood diamonds". Many people today seek out "ethical diamonds" or recycled diamonds to ensure that their diamonds are not associated with these unhealthy energies.

Diamond Correspondences

Element: fire
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Leo Scorpio Libra
Planet: Sun, Mars

Traditions Associated with Diamonds

The diamond is a birthstone for the month of April and is the traditional gift for the 60th or 10th wedding anniversary.

The tradition of diamond wedding/engagement rings is a modern phenomena brought about mainly by the marketing efforts of diamond merchants, though its magical and physical properties do make it a suitable stone for the purpose.

Healing and Magickal Uses of Diamonds

According to Pliny, a diamond may be worn to protect against insanity and unreasonable fear as well as poison.

In Medieval Italy, the diamond was known as the stone of reconciliation and was believed to prevent and resolve marital disputes.

A diamond set in gold and worn on the left arm is said to protect one in battle, to ensure victory and to bestow courage and strength and to drive away any "nocturnal spectres" including the devil.

Worn on the left hand, a diamond is said to protect against evil and bad luck generally and bring luck to the wearer.

If you look too long at a diamond, it will confuse you and dazzle your mind.
If a diamond is worn by a sinner, or someone untrustworthy, its magical energies will be weakened.
A diamond's magical energy works best if the diamond is given freely as a gift to the one who is using it.

Diamonds may be used in combination with other stones to intensify their energies, particularly for healing.

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