Natural History

Aventurine is a microcrystalline quartz that contains various mineral inclusions that give it a sparkling appearance. Aventurine is usually green, but it can also be peach, brown or blue. It is similar in appearance to amazonite, malachite or jade and is also used to create jewelry and decorative objects.

History and Folklore

The name Aventurine comes from the Italian a ventura which means "by chance". It is a popular lucky charm for gamblers carried in the left pocket.

Aventurine Correspondences

Chakra: green- heart blue- brow
Element: air
Astrological Sign: Libra, Taurus
Planet: mercury

Healing and Magickal Uses for Aventurine

Body: Aventurine is used for general healing and to help improve the eyesight of nearsighted individuals and calm mood swings.
Mind: Aventurine may be used to help relieve stress, bring about inner peace and stimulate one's imagination.
Magick: Aventurine may be used to create luck charms and to increase one's confidence and creativity and to increase prosperity.

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