Natural History

Light blue member of the beryl family found in the U.S., Brazil, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Ireland and Pakistan.

History and Folklore

Said to be a good luck charm for individuals born in March or October.

Used to protect sailors and those traveling by sea.

Aquamarine beads were found with ancient Egyptian mummies.


Angel: Rahab; Gods/Goddesses: Mara, Aphrodite, Venus, Poseidon, Neptune; Chakra: Brow, throat; Element: water; Astrological Sign: Cancer, Aries, Pisces, Scorpio; Planet: Moon, Neptune; Sabbat: Ostara; Tarot: The Hanging Man.


Long used for protection when traveling and to increase intuition and psychic abilities.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Beneficial for swollen glands and poor vision. Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. Gently cleanses the chakras of impurities. Relieves seasickness, fluid retention, and kidney disorders

Mind: Inspires courage. Helps to overcome panic attacks and phobias, especially those regarding travel.

Magick: Enhances meditation. Good for distant healing and sending cleansing and healing energy to the oceans and ocean creatures. Increases intuition, psychic awareness and clairvoyance. Also good for meditation and magick regarding Atlantis and Lemuria. Helps to resolve legal matters.

Care and Cleansing

Leave in sea water beneath the full moon to both cleanse and recharge. Rinse in clear water after to remove the salt.

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