Natural History

Amber is the fossilized resin from pine-like trees that grew about 30 million years ago. Amber often carries impurities, including fossilized insects that were trapped in the resin before it hardened. Amber is usually yellow, orange or brown. It is notably found in the Baltic region and a rare blue amber is found in the Dominican Republic.

History and Folklore

The classical Greek name for amber is elektron (or electrum) which means "beaming sun". According to lore, after Phaëton's ill-fated chariot ride, his sisters wept so much that they turned into poplars and their tears became amber.

Pliny the Elder, quoting Nicias, describes amber as " a liquid produced by the rays of the sun; and that these rays, at the moment of the sun's setting, striking with the greatest force upon the surface of the soil, leave upon it an unctuous sweat, which is carried off by the tides of the Ocean, and thrown up upon the shores of Germany."

The Latin name for amber was succinum, from the word for "juice". Pliny explains this saying: "Amber is produced from a marrow discharged by trees belonging to the pine genus, like gum from the cherry, and resin from the ordinary pine." Indicating that the Romans were well aware of the origin of amber. Pliny had quite a bit to say about amber. Two chapters in his The Natural History book XXXVII were devoted to it.

A Lithuanian legend says that all the amber that is found in the Baltic sea was once part of the palace of the Queen of the Sea Juratė who fell in love with a fisherman. Perkūnas destroyed her amber palace to punish her for indiscretion and the bits of rubble wash up on the shore even today. In another version, Perkūnas killed her lover, Kastytis and she mourns him to this day, her teardrops are amber.

Amber Correspondences

Angel: Verchiel; Gods/Goddesses: Apollo, Amberella, Electra, Freya, The Heliades, Jurate, Oshun; Chakra: solar-plexus; Element: Fire; Astrological Sign: Leo, Aquarius; Planet: Sun; Sabbat: Lughnassadh Lammas, Samhain; Tree of Life Path: 18; Tarot: Chariot, Death.


Used by Roman gladiators for protection and courage.
Amber is recommended for chiropractors and masseurs.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Powerful chakra cleanser and healer. It absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive. Helps to improve short term memory. Has anti-microbial affects. Strengthens the spine and speeds cell regeneration.

Mind: Relieves depression and anxiety. Promotes joy.

Magick: Powerful protector. Good for fertility spells. Attracts good luck and success. Increases psychic abilities.

Care and Cleansing

Amber can be dissolved in oil (to make varnish) and will revert to liquid form (oil of amber) if heated above 392°F
Amber should be cleansed after every health working and can be recharged in the sun at noon for a few minutes.

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