Spells are ceremonies designed to focus a magic-user's energy in order to bring about a magical change.

The Witchipedia maintains this user-created database of magical spells. We invite you to share your spells with us and look up spells for your personal use, but we make no claims as to the efficacy or originality of the spells in this database. We ask that if you post spells from other sources, that you provide full attribution, including links, if applicable. You are welcome to attribute and link to yourself, of course.

There is a very large collection of spells located at http://www.spellsofmagic.com

To add a spell to the database, simply type the name of your spell and click "Share" to get started.

The Rules:
Do not use this forum for requesting spells. That is a service that requires a personal touch and there should be nothing personal here.

Do not post spells targeting any specific individual or containing detailed identifying information, including names. General, generic spells only please.

Please do not post spells designed to do anything that is against the law.

If you have a page full of spells for people to check out, you can use the comments feature below to let us know. If you post this on any other page in the site, it'll be deleted. On this page, it's a-OK. (We don't care what sort of spells they are, it's not our business what you have on your page.) You may have to get creative when referencing a website, as the anti-spam features do not let everyone post URLs.

Also feel free to post book suggestions for people looking for spells. Again, use the comments section below.

A Bowl of Love -To create or renew love.

A Golden Psi-ball for Happiness -A quick and easy way to feel better if you are depressed or down.

Calming Spell -To calm oneself in the beginning stages of an anxiety attack.

Elemental Spell -It will bring the Elements to you and bring luck it's wake.

Ending Harmful Poisons -To Keep All Safe from Poisons

Find what is lost -To help you retrieve a missing object

Fortune's Blessing -To bring an aura of fortune/benefit

Getting Clients Spell -To help get new clients for your business

Invisibility -For when one wishes to keep themselves or their deeds unnoticed. To slip through the cracks and hide one's mistakes, or to remain hidden from a dangerous/undesirable person or situation.

Moon Water Spell -To make blessed, holy water that can be used for any intent. such as to heal yourself, heal your plants, or bless spells or rituals. i personally drink some everytime I feel a cold coming on and it seems to get rid of it.

Oil Spell -This spell is to get rid of a malignant entity that is trying to harm you by latching onto your back.

Protection Sachet -General protection

Purification -To purify a house or someone's spirit

Sleep Time Protection Spell -To protect yourself in dream state from dark entities that try to enter your realm.

spell of life -general happiness

Teacup Spell for Anxiety -To easy anxious feelings and distress

The Honey Jar -This honey jar spell is intended to "sweeten" someone's disposition toward you. It works well for individuals but is particularly helpful for organizations, such as banks, juries, legal entities, companies you wish to work for or hope will give you a good deal, etc..

The Oak Pentagram Amulet -Protection for the home, Beacon to other Magick Folks & Symbol of Midsummer.

The Witches Rune -A chant to be used after casting the Circle to call the Goddess and God

To Bring Joy to a Negative Person -With the subject's consent, this can make a depressed or negative person happier and more positive.

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