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The Holly King - The Holly King is a masculine neopagan deity who holds court from midsummer to midwinter. His twin and adversary, the Oak King, rules the opposite half of the year.

Thoth - Thoth is the ancient Egyptian God of writing and knowledge. He provided the gift of hieroglyphic writing to the people. He is also associated with alchemy and magick and is associated with the moon. He is depicted as a man with the head of an ibis and is also symbolized by the baboon.

Turms - Turms is the Etruscan God of boundaries, trade and commerce, psychopomp and a messanger between mortals and Gods. Turms was associated with the Greek God Hermes and the Roman God Mercury.

Typhon - Typhon was a monstrous giant snake-like creature of ancient Greek mythology who fathered many monsters with his mate Echidna. He is also called Typhoeus, Typhaon or Typhos.

Ukko - Ukko is the Finnish sky God and companion to Akka the Finish Goddess of fertility. When they embrace, thunder rumbles as he fertilizes her with rain. His name means "old man".

Xolotl - Dog-headed god of the Aztecs, a companion to the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. He guards the sun on its journey through the underworld at night and is personified by the planet Venus.

Yolkai Estsan - Yolkai Estsan is a Goddess of the Navaho people also called "White Shell Woman". She is the sister of Estsanatlehi and wife of the moon.

Zeus - Zeus is the Hellenic King of the Gods who rules from His throne on Mount Olympus. He rules over the sky, thunder, contracts and the code of hospitality.

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