If you have a spell and you don't have all the ingredients, you may be able to swap out one thing for another. Check this list to see if you can substitute your hard-to-find item with something easier to obtain. Make sure you research your substitutions to make sure they really are what you're looking for and listen to your own intuition. Herbs can be used for different purposes and it's a good idea to thoroughly research the herb you're trying to substitute to determine its purpose in the spell and then thoroughly research potential substitutes for true compatibility. You can't just swap out one thing for another without really considering its purpose.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, find out the planetary correspondence of the item you're looking to substitute and visit that planet's page as a starting point. Ingredients that correspond to the same planet carry similar energies and can sometimes be used for the same purpose in a spell.

Keep in mind that these substitutions are for magic and spellwork only and should not be relied upon for healing or culinary use.

Ingredient Possible Substitutions
Acacia Gum Arabic (is made from acacia)
Aconite Tobacco
Allspice Cassia, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg
ambergris cypress and patchouli
asafetida garlic, onion, neem, gum ammonium
bergamot grapefruit
Balm of Gilead rose, gum mastic
Belladonna Tobacco, Tomato
Baneful Herbs (any) Tobacco
Benzoin Gum Arabic, Gum Mastic
Blood copal, bloodroot sap, pokeweed berry juice
bluestone Blueing balls
cachana angelica
Camphor Eucalyptus, Lavender
Carnation rose, esp with a few drops of cinnamon oil.
Cassia Cinnamon
Cedar Sandalwood
cinnabar dragon's blood
Cinquefoil clover, trefoil
citron orange and lemon peels, combined
cloves nutmeg, mace
clover cinquefoil
copal frankincense, cedar
cowbane tobacco
Crystals (any) quartz
cypress juniper, pine
Deer's tongue tonka, woodruff, vanilla
Dittany of Crete gum mastic
Dragon's Blood Blend together Frankincense and Red Sandalwood
Eucalyptus Camphor, Lavender
Euphorbium Tobacco
Flowers (any) rose
Frankincense Copal, Pine
galangal ginger root
grains of paradise black pepper
Gum Arabic Frankincense, Gum Mastic
Gum Ammoniac Asafetida
Gum Bdellium copal, pine, dragon's blood
Gum Mastic
Gum Resin (any) Frankincense, Copal
hellebore tobacco, nettles
hemlock tobacco
hemp nutmeg, damiana, star anise, bay laurel
henbane tobacco
Herb (any) rosemary
hyssop lavender
ivy cinquefoil
jasmine rose
juniper pine
labdanum hibiscus
lavender rose
lemon grass lemon peel, pelargonium, lemon verbena
lemon verbena lemon grass, lemon peel
mace nutmeg
mandrake tobacco, mayapple
mercury aluminum
Mint (any) Sage
mistletoe mint, sage
mugwort wormwood, southernwood
nightshade tobacco, tomato
nutmeg mace, cinnamon, pelargonium
oakmoss patchouli
orange tangerine, pelargonium
orange flowers orange peel
Patchouli oakmoss
Peppermint spearmint
pepperwort rue, grains of paradise, black pepper
pine juniper
pine resin frankincense, copal
rose yarrow, rose geranium, rose attar
geranium rose
ruby garnet
rue rosemary with a bit of black pepper
saffron orange peel
sandalwood cedar
sarsparilla sassafrass
sassafrass sarsparilla
Spearmint Peppermint
sulfur clubmoss, asafetida, tobacco
thyme rosemary
tobacco bay laurel
tonka bean deer tongue, woodruff, vanilla bean
topaz citrine
trefoil cinquefoil
vetivert Calamus
vanilla woodruff, deer tongue, tonka
valerian asafetida
willow poplar
wolfsbane tobacco
wood aloe sandalwood and ambergris
woodruff vanilla, deer tongue
wormwood mugwort
Yarrow rose
yew tobacco

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