The term herb is generally used to describe a plant that is herbaceous in nature, that is, it is not a tree or a shrub. However, when a witch or occultist uses the word "herb" we are generally referring to a plant that is useful without regard to its lifestyle. However, this designation often excludes those plants used for food; fruits and vegetables.

This list includes plants AND fungi that are useful to a witch, including those that are used for magick, crafting, food and healing including herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs and various fungi. Some are simply useful for decoration and some I have included for folkloric interest. That is to say; some herbs are more useful than others.

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There are 141 magical herbs listed in this database.

Garlic -Allium sativum

Geranium -Geranium maculatum

Ginger -Zingiber officinale

Goldenrod -Solidago spp

Hawthorn -Craaegus spp.

Hazel -Corylus avellana

Heather -Calluna vulgaris

Heliotrope -Heliotropium spp

Hellebore -Helleborus spp.

Holly -Ilex spp

Honeysuckle -Lonicera spp

Hyssop -Hyssopus officinalis

Indigo -Indigofera tinctoria

Jerusalem Artichoke -Helianthus tuberosus

Joe Pye Weed -Eupatorium spp.

Juniper -Juniperus spp

Larkspur -Consolida ajacis and Consolida ambigua

Lemon -Citrus limon

Lungwort -Pulmonaria officinalis

Magic Mushroom -Amanita muscaria

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