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Staff - The staff represents the masculine aspect of the divine and is associated with air or fire depending on the tradition. It is used to direct energy, to establish sacred space, to tap out hypnotic rhythms, for hiking out to remote a nematon and for leaning. Otherwise, it is used in much the same way as a wand.

Statement of Intent - A statement of intent is the verbalized purpose of an action or spell.

Stonehenge - Stonehenge is a circular monument of standing stones, earthworks and burial mounds located in Wiltshire, England that was built between 2000 and 3000 BCE. It is a British Scheduled Ancient Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important pilgrimage site for many modern Pagans and followers of Magico-religious paths rooted in ancient Celtic culture as well as New Age practitioners interested in the energetic character of the place. It is a destination for solstice celebrations due to the alignment of some of the stones with the sunrise on summer solstice and the sunset on the winter solstice.

Suffumigation - Suffumigation is the act of burning something to create smoke or fumes as part of a spiritual or magical practice or ritual. It specifically means "fumigation from below".

Summer Solstice - The summer solstice is the longest day of the year because, on that day, the area angled toward the sun receives the longest duration of the Sun's light. The moment of the Solstice, is at the peak of the angle. In the Northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice occurs in June and in the Southern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice occurs in December. See the chart below for exact dates for upcoming years.

Sun Sign - A sun sign is the sign of the zodiac that the sun is moving through in the celestial sphere. The sign that the sun is passing through at the moment of your birth is your personal sun sign. It is this sign that is being reference when you read your horoscope in the newspaper.

Supermoon - The term supermoon is used to describe a full or new moon that occurs when the moon is at or near perigee, its nearest position to the Earth. The astronomical term for this phenomenon is perigee syzygy.

Sword - A sword is a magickal tool used by some practitioners to direct energy much the same way the wand, athame or staff. The use of the sword as a magickal tool is rooted in Western ceremonial tradition and is generally considered a tool for formal occasions.

Symbol - A symbol is an object, a sound or an image that represents another object, sound, idea, entity, belief or action. Symbols have been used throughout history for many purposes, both magical and mundane. Symbols are seen everywhere in our world. Alphabets are symbols that represent sounds and in some cases, ideas and they can be combined to represent other ideas and sounds. Numerals are symbols that represent quantities and, for some, ideas. Musical notes are symbols for sounds. The shapes and colors of street signs and lights become connected with the ideas they represent so that we know that a red octagon means stop, even if the word (also a symbol) is not written on it because the shape and color itself have become a symbol for the idea.

sympathetic link - A sympathetic link between two entities is a link that allows a magical practitioner to affect one entity by performing symbolic actions on the other or to bring the energy of one entity into a situation through manipulation of another entity.

sympathetic magic - Sympathetic magic is a magical modality that involves symbolically imitating the desired outcome. It may involve acting on a physical representation of a target or creating a physical representation of the outcome or recreating the desired outcome through motion and art. In this way, the practitioner might cause change at a distance in time or space.

Synastry - Synastry is the art of using astrology to determine relationship compatibility. Western Astrologers who practice synastry generally look at the placement of a variety of planets including Venus, Jupiter and Mars at the time of the subjects' births rather than simply looking at their sun sign.

syzygy - Syzygy (SIZ ih jee) is when three celestial objects line up, as when the Earth, moon and sun are aligned when the moon is full or dark.

taglock - In English, a tagolock is a matted bunch of wool or hair. Metaphysically speaking, a taglock is a personal item that creates a link to the target.

Talisman - A talisman is an object worn, carried or placed in a location with the intention of warding off negative energy, evil spirits, disease or bad luck.

The All - The All is part of the Hermetic philosophy as outlined in the Kybalion but similar to concepts seen in many other philosophies and traditions throughout history. The All is everything. Everything that is, was and could be. Real things, unreal things, truths, untruths. We all exist within the All, and the All exists within us.

The Craft - The Craft is a poetic shorthand term for Witchcraft.

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