Saturnalia -Saturnalia was an ancient Roman holiday held from December 17th or the first day of Capricorn, the house of Saturn and lasted from one to five days variously through its history. The celebration of Saturnalia continued into the 4th century C.E.

Second harvest -The Second Harvest is a generic name for the harvest festivals celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox which are generally the second of three annual harvest festivals in modern Western Pagan liturgical calendars. The First Harvest takes place in early August with Lammas, Lughnassadh and Freyfaxi and the final harvest is in early November at Samhain. Using these generic names allows for mixed-path celebrations.

St. John's Eve -Saint John's Eve is occurs the evening before the celebration of the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. According to Christian folklore, John the Baptist was born 6 months before Jesus, so, since birthday of Jesus was established to be December 25th, John's birthday was established to be June 24th. This celebration coincides with Midsummer and there is often some overlap in festivities. Traditional activities include lighting bonfires and jumping over them and wearing wreathes of flowers.

Tubilustrium -Tubilustrium was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the God Mars that took place on March 23rd and marked the beginning of the campaign season. War trumpets and weapons were cleaned and Priests of Mars called Salii went dancing through the streets.

Volturnalia -Volturnalia was the Roman festival of the Volturnus, the God of fountains and the river Volturno. It took place on August 27th. The details of the feast day have not survived, but it is reasonable to assume it included feasting, games and sacrifices.

Yule -Yule is a word of Germanic origin which refers to a holiday celebrated at and around the winter solstice from which many Christmas traditions were taken. The term Yule is now often used as a synonym to Christmas and other festivals celebrated around the same time today. See also Midwinter.

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