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Can a Witch Work More than One Spell at a Time?

(4 replies)

I was thinking of doing several spells with a group of people at our next gathering. Would it be better to do them separately?

Can I combine types of divination?

(1 replies)

I was wondering if it is possible (and if so a good idea) to combine different types of divination in a singular ritual? Would I be able to combine pendulum dowsing and necromancy in a ritual to contact the dead about a dilemma I have, and if so how would I do this? I would be most thankful for any help!

Can I control fire?

(6 replies)

I think it would be so awesome if I could so ,umm, do You think that is possible and if You do, tell me how?

Can I Fly

(2 replies)

I always wanted to fly up on the roof at night.

Can i have magical powers?

(3 replies)

It is like the nature is reacting on me and some things a dream or think about happends. I am kinda scared about it.

Can I light a candle with my mind? (My zodiac sighn is Leo)

(2 replies)

Do you think this is possible?
Or I just have to give up?
That is my dream…to be able to control fire :D

Can I redo a spell if I messed up the first time? ( to do with hair growth)

(4 replies)

I first casted asking to grow 3 inches ( hair) but then I somehow got confused and in the second part of chanting I said 3 cms, so how can I redo the spell and start again? Thanks.

Can I use dried plants/flowers for all spells, or do I have to use fresh? Or does it depend on the spell?

(2 replies)

I have been researching this concern, before attempting a spell that requires any time of plant, in case the possible outcomes can be different.

Can I use someone else's spell (Internet, book, etc.) or do I have to write my own?

(5 replies)

I've found a few spells I would like to try on the Internet and in a few books. I was reading somewhere that using someone else's spells requires you to share energy and their intentions mixed with yours. Is this true? Would it be pointless to use someone else's pre-made spell?

Can men be Witches?

(6 replies)

Can someone help find what this rune is?

(5 replies)

It's a rune that keeps recurring in my dreams. It looks like a capital T with a < in the middle. It is often carved, but I have seen it written in blood at times too. Please help put this question to rest!

The Theta State?

(1 replies)

What is the Theta State of mind, and are there any good articles to read about it?

Can someone who has passed who I've never met be reached?

(1 replies)

I have never met my mother and when I finally found her she had passed. I feel her, I can summon her presence but not messages or sounds. Should I go to a medium? Or is there a better way to communicate with passed souls?

Can you accidentally bind people together via an object?

(3 replies)

I Know a friend who is in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend however as clear as this is they cannot seem to break away from each other and he has inmesurable amounts of bad luck as well as she. This all sort of started ever since they made a blood necklace for each other -each carrying the other person's blood

Can you allow me to speak in someone's head without freaking them out? Like giving them positive thoughts?

(2 replies)

I want to encourage someone that their ok and that their strong but their on the other side of the world.thats why I asked the question that I did

Can you please send me a mermaid spell please I'm crying

(3 replies)

I really want a working mermaid spell

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