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When I make my own tarts, where's the best site to go to, to be able to find out what herbs are used for which properties/spells

(1 replies)

I need a truthful, and, honest site which tells me what the magical properties of each he4b is, please.

When is the Best Time to do a Binding Spell

(1 replies)

I have heard that it should be done at night, but this isn't always convenient. Is this really the case?

When will i find true love?

(4 replies)

I never been great on love seems like they cheat or hit me sometimes i wonder if i am cursed

Where can I find advanced study materials for the Elements/Elementals?

(1 replies)

I have a decent understanding of the elements and their correspondences, I also have a basic understanding of elementals, but I can't find more advanced study materials that go into more detail about them. I don't have the option to buy anything or pay for classes, so sources of free information would help immensely. Thank you for your time.

Where Can I Find Witchy Craft Patterns?

(1 replies)

I am crafty and I like to knit, embroider and sew things for my Pagan and Wiccan friends, particularly for weddings and new babies. But where can I find good patterns and diagrams that don't look like cartoon Halloween stuff?

Where Can I Learn More About Wicca?

(1 replies)

I am interested in learning more.

Which spell or ritual that should do in special night like this

(1 replies)

They said on 27 July will have the second full lunar eclipse of the year and the longest in 100 years, it will be bright red. Also, the day that Mars will be opposite to the sun and the nearest earth in 15 years, that will make watchable along night big red Mars beside full red lunar eclipse.

As i said above, which spell or ritual should be done?

who invented the pentacle

(1 replies)

it is an old symbol but i am interested in its origin…

gliwing pentagram

(1 replies)

i see a pentagram that seams like its on fire when i close my eyes what does this mean?

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